SEO Expert’s Guide to a GA4 Landing Page Report

With the sunsetting of Universal Analytics (UA) on the horizon in 2023, it’s a lot of vital than ever to find out a way to produce a Google Analytics four (GA4) landing page report. The change will be troublesome.

What steps area unit you taking to urge prior to the curve? While this post isn’t an associate final guide to Google Analytics, I’ll show you ways to urge GA4 created and provides you the simplest GA4 tips out there. From setting yourself up to best practices, by the time you’re finished, you’ll feel assured about making a landing page report in GA4.

What Is GA4?

Google Analytics four is the latest edition of 1 of the best internet analytics tools on the market. With such a large amount of impressive options and a sleek interface, it’s no marvel that over twenty-eight million websites worldwide calculate Google Analytics to trace their traffic.

With a landing page report in GA4, you’ll follow the digital path your customers go to your branded content. The best part GA4 landing page reports track client information from all the platforms your content is on to work out trends in traffic, engagement, product demand, predictions, and more. It accomplishes these unimaginable analytic feats with the assistance of AI.

With the employment of AI, GA4 helps you work out however customers area unit presently victimization your content, furthermore as predict what customers can do next. You don’t have to be compelled to be an outsized business to form GA4 work for you.

In fact, a recent survey by Enlyft found that roughly seventy-one of {companies} that use Google Analytics area unit tiny companies with but fifty workers. While this could all sound just like what you’re accustomed to in Universal Analytics, the 2 perform quite otherwise. The biggest distinction between UA and GA4 is that the approach information is collected and arranged. whereas the previous team’s user interactions were into time-blocked “sessions,” GA4 tracks every and each user interaction as its own event.

What will this mean?

Well, owing to this key switch, GA4 is best at predicting the behavior of consumers in a wider sort of way in which.

What Is A Landing Page Report in GA4?

Simply put, a GA4 landing page report could be an elaborate analysis of user interactions supported metrics that you simply select. For people who don’t apprehend, a landing page is a page that’s a user’s initial interaction with your website or platform. for instance, if you hunted for data concerning landing page reports and clicked on the link for this text, then this page is your landing page for my website.

A landing page report in GA4 offers you deeper analytic tools that may very assist you to develop the simplest SEO strategy. If you’re conversant in UA, you’ll keep in mind that their landing page report was mechanically generated. All you had to try and do was rummage around for the report by clicking the Behavior menu. and from there. clicking website Content then Landing Pages. GA4 isn’t automatic. fortuitously, it solely takes a number of steps to urge your GA4 set-up.

Creating Your Landing Page Report

In GA4 GA4 landing page reports should be generated manually. the great news is you’ll produce your own planned landing page report, thus you don’t have to be compelled to set it all up on every occasion you wish data.

Follow these steps to make your own landing page report in GA4.

Get Started

Log in to your account with GA4. From there, open your Reports (the button below the house icon, with a chart within a white square). Next, click on Acquisition then rummage around for and choose Traffic Acquisition within the dropdown menu.

Pull a Report

In case you don’t already apprehend, the dimensions area unit is basically the qualitative titles or classes being measured by GA4. after you select Traffic Acquisition, GA4 can pull a report for you, mechanically victimization the Session default channel grouping dimension. While this is often nice information for you to grasp so as to extend traffic to your website, it’s not the information on user landing page interactions.

Customize Your Report

To create a custom landing page in GA4 to fit your analytical desires, click on the little pencil icon within the higher right corner of the user window. In addition to adding new dimensions, the customize Report button will add new metrics, makeover charts, and make outline cards. For our functions, we’ll focus currently on the dimension side.

Add a brand new Dimension

On the correct facet of the screen, click on Dimensions then choose to Add dimension. From there, you must be able to scroll through the choices till you discover one labeled Landing Page. Click it, and landing pages are added to your primary dimensions. Don’t forget to avoid wasting once you’re done!

Set as Default

Let’s get real: does one truly need to travel through those steps on every occasion you would like to research user interaction on landing pages? No way! Follow this fast GA4 tip to form a road for yourself.Locate the Landing Page dimension another time. this point clicks on the 3 vertical dots then choose Set as Default.

When your area unit is finished, click the Apply button within the lower right corner to avoid wasting your new default setting. If your goal is to duplicate the UA report as shut as attainable, you may have to be compelled to follow a number of a lot of steps.

Customize Metrics

Not all engagement metrics area units created equal. As you become a lot of conversant in the GA4 setup, explore all {the information|the info|the information} at your fingertips to work out that data can facilitate the foremost. You ne’er apprehend what new insights you’ll discover! Customizing metrics isn’t all that completely different from dimension customization. Instead of clicking on Dimensions, this point chooses Metrics. From here, you’ll add and take away metrics that fit your desires.

For a UA-style landing page report, ensure to settle on the subsequent metrics:


New Users

Engagement Rate

Average Engagement Time

Event Count Conversions