Leverage Keyword Research for Product Naming

Leverage Keyword analysis for Product Naming

Naming merchandise is not a straightforward task.

You’ve got your product and a whiteboard filled with random phrases and ideas being tossed around. Some names sound ok, and perhaps a number of them seem to be a decent match, however, nobody on your team will agree on a winner.

So however does one select the correct name for your product?

Here’s wherever keyword analysis comes into play! By understanding what individuals area unit checking out, you’ll be able to optimize your product name to higher meet their desires. Not solely that, you’ll conjointly increase the percentages that they’ll realize and obtain your product.

Stressed? Don’t be. I’ll show you the ins and outs of product naming to create the method a breeze.

What Makes a descent Product Name?

In general, you wish your product name to be straightforward to recollect, straightforward to know, and straightforward to say! Think about it.

If I can’t even pronounce your product’s name, however, am I attending to keep in mind it? And if I can’t perceive what your product will through its name, I’m likely to travel to see what the competition must supply instead. So before you unharness a product, it’s perpetually a decent plan to analyze online promoting challenges that would arise. If you don’t, it may limit your team’s ability to create the correct stigmatization strategy. On the opposite hand, mistreatment SEO hacks to get your next name works astonishingly well! You seemingly already perceive the importance of SEO, and therefore the information backs you up. A study that analyzed billions of Google searches discovered that the primary 3 organic results had a combined forty-four.5% click-through rate. However, will SEO assist you to name your product? Two words: search intent. When somebody searches for one thing online, their intentions become clear through the words they use. Looking for reviews? You’ll in all probability add the word “best.” checking out somewhere to eat? The words “near me” can be used. Search engines like Google have gotten nice at inferring user intent supported by the queries they enter and therefore the context around them. The point is, you’ll be able to conjointly search your own product’s name or product class and see what keywords the highest hierarchal results share. Those initial few results seemingly have things in common. area unit your potential customers searching for a product that has bound qualities, like exaggerated speed or strength? that may be a symbol to include similar words into your whole. Don’t create the error of solely searching for intent within the high search results. a minimum of for Google, you’ll be able to explore connected searches and what “people conjointly raise.” each of those offers insights into what your client base is thinking once it involves your product.

Here area unit a number of stigmatization tips to suppose after you name your next product:

1. Create it Relevant

Ask yourself, what class will your product fall under? It’s seemingly a term that individuals conjointly seek once searching for similar merchandise. That’s why you must embrace several of your class names within the name of your product whenever doable.

Product names also are typically cited as anchor text in online articles, thus as well as a class within the name will cause a lot of qualified clicks to your page. this is often only 1 manner of investment SEO to create your whole. A clever example of this is often the name for a project management tool for businesses referred to as MOE Assist. This play on words hints at “more assistance” comes by mistreatment MOE Assist.

2. Use Search Engines/Tools

Have hassles sprung up with keywords in your field? Uber suggests may be a helpful keyword-generation tool for honing in on the proper name. It’s straightforward to use with a swish interface and offers a large amount of additional info regarding each keyword. Uber suggests offers urged keywords to use instead, moreover as connected words, SEO issues, and volume and a lot of. One cool bonus feature Uber suggest is every keyword search result comes with an inventory of content ideas that would offer you a lift in SERPS (search engine results pages). YouTube is additionally a superb resource because it is the second-largest computer program in the world. to search out in-style keywords on this platform, use YouTube’s search bar to enter in your name ideas. YouTube’s auto-suggest feature can activate and show you a sink list of connected searches. Google Ads will facilitate moreover, providing access to information on individual keywords, their search rates, and urged various words.

3. keep Positive

You’ve most likely detected the phrase “guilty by association.” Product names are sure by the associations they elicit. How many folks would get AN Apple product if the corporate was named when one thing bitter, sort of a lemon? Words and meanings will shift across international lines. If you intend on mercantilism your product everywhere around the globe, admit that your name can resonate in numerous cultures. You’d be amazed to seek out what percentage of company brands alter their product names in numerous regions. for instance, in China Heineken brew is instead referred to as Xi li, which interprets as “happiness power.”

4. Don’t be Ambiguous

Sure, that random word might sound catchy, however, if it bleeds into another class then you finish up decreasing your ranking on the organic SERPs. Ambiguous words are hospitable quite one interpretation. Let’s say you’re beginning a make-up company and use the word “Compact” in your name. whereas it will mean a make-up holder, it’s additionally used for all varieties of merchandise attempting to promote a little size. Keep your product names category-specific and direct. Product naming might not be rocket science, however, it will take time to be told a way to mate right! Learn a lot regarding why SEO is, therefore, necessary for your complete.

Scout the Competition

It will ne’er hurt to require a peek at the competition. check up on the reviews left for your competitors. it’ll tell you all about their strengths and weaknesses from the attitude of their audience. What are the foremost common complaints you see? you’ll use those reviews to differentiate your own product from the competition. Dive deep into their publicly offered information, like social media accounts and websites. What distinctive options do their merchandise have?

Product Naming Success Examples

Look no additional than 2 of the largest school giants, Microsoft and Apple, for samples of nice success stories in product naming. Take Microsoft. Windows was their flagship product of the 90s and still has seventy-six of the worldwide market share control by operational systems in 2022. So what created them to opt for the name Windows? Well, around the time that Windows launched, all graphical user interfaces (GUIs) were being delineated as “windowed systems.” instead of turning into yet one more windowed interface, Microsoft flipped the script by claiming the window name for themselves. In turn, this positioned Windows because the class definer rather than a simulation, with different corporations currently exploiting Microsoft’s branded name to explain their interfaces. Another nice example of a product name is Netflix. Simple, direct, and includes the class within the title: what a lot of may we have a tendency to raise for?! By combining the primary 1/2 word “internet” with a slang word for movies, Netflix says what it’s with the lowest effort.

Find What Your Audience needs and Thinks

You can save time and cash by learning from your target market what they require, instead of guessing. If you have got a shopper email list, send them a survey and raise a number of inquiries to get to understand your audience higher. Once you have got results, explore for repetition themes and customary answers. Use these responses to restate your product name suitably. Don’t have AN email list? Use your social media accounts instead! With the common quantity of your time spent on social media at two.5 hours per day, there’s a great deal of information offered to comb through. Get insights on your followers by gazing at what they unbroken looking at and what they clicked on. Post-mini-polls to measure interest. notice audience members WHO are a lot engaged along with your page and send an on-the-spot message. Asking a number of queries from engaged followers will provide valuable feedback from the folks most fascinated by your merchandise.

Future-Proof Your Product Naming ways

You’ve jumped through all the SEO hoops and eventually have a product name price exploitation. Secure that name for ages to come! To avoid any future SEO or social ramifications, insure to ascertain whether or not somebody has already taken your planned social media profile name. If you don’t need to be related to someone WHO encompasses a negative name, this can be vital, notably if there’s already somebody out there with a similar account name as your product. Future-proof your product names by claiming social media accounts along with your product’s name on most platforms. additionally, check internet domains along with your product name likewise. If they’re offered, shopping for them may be a great way to shield your complete name.


How vital is my product name?

Your product name is significant to the success of your product! seventy-seven of shoppers obtain products supported by the name rather than the merchandise itself. The name is one of the primary things that potential customers can see. Product names with no association with the product’s class will build it arduous to seek out on search engines. Names with negative associations to alternative words and social media accounts will hinder sales.

How do I do know I’m naming my product one thing folks want?

By researching your audience through surveys and information analytics, you’ll be able to facilitate and make sure that the merchandise name you decide on are a few things that folks wish.


The creation of catchy and distinctive product names doesn’t get to be arduous. By investing in SEO to create your whole, you’ll be able to come back up with a reputation that speaks to your audience! Remember to select a brand that’s relevant, has positive associations, and is unambiguous. If you’ll be able to embody a class title in your product’s name, all the higher. With the proper name for your product, you’ll rise within the SERPs. Higher rankings result in higher traffic, which results in additional revenue.