How To Use Twitter Campaign Planner

Have you ever launched an advertising campaign only to find that it didn’t hit the mark? It’s possible that you didn’t quite reach the audience you wanted and your ad didn’t convert as expected.

Waste of time and money. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a simple tool to predict your ad campaigns before they’re released?


This is called the Twitter Campaign Planner and it can make a big difference in your success if you are looking to grow your business on Twitter.

How does the Twitter Campaign Planner work? Read on as I explain it to you and what it can bring to your marketing plan.

What is the Twitter Campaign Planner
With Twitter’s Campaign Planner, you can use a variety of estimating tools to predict the performance of your ads before they run.

Twitter’s campaign planner can estimate:

Currently available only to managed partners (official companies with which Twitter works) and only in the US, UK and Japan. However, it has expansion plans.

Campaign Planner is not yet widely available, but learning more about it will help you understand other users’ experiences and the possibilities this has when testing your own ads.

How does the Twitter Campaign Planner work?
As I mentioned earlier, this new feature could be a game changer for advertisers who want to test their campaigns before launching. John Morgenstern, senior vice president and head of investment at VaynerMedia, who tested the
planner, said: It’s set up for measurable success from the start…”

Want to try it yourself?

To try Twitter Campaign Planner, visit our Twitter account.

Enter your campaign details here. Example:

Goal (optimize campaign reach)
Start and end date
Frequency cap (impressions/day)
Placement (search results or Twitter profile)
Receive predictions to predict next:

CPM (Cost Per Million or Cost Per Thousand Impressions)
Average Frequency
Impressions (How often your ad appears on a page)

Is Twitter Campaign Planner Right For Your Business?
This depends on several factors, including the stage of your business. However, please also note that the results are estimates and may not always show the expected results.

That being said, here are some scenarios where this new tool might be a good fit.
A long-established company aiming to enter a new niche market. You can use Twitter’s Campaign Planner to do a test run before running your ads.
Maybe you’re just getting started with Twitter Ads and don’t know where to place your ads or how to run your campaigns over the long term. Test your on-profile and search ads to see potential results and vary lengths to understand potential results. If you’re unfamiliar with all of this, our Twitter Ads guide will get you started quickly.
Are your ads reaching your target audience? You can also find out with new tools.
Continue spending in these areas if it works. If not, go back to Twitter Campaign Planner and try a different strategy.

However, this Twitter tool is still in the early stages of rollout and is not available to many advertisers, so we encourage you to wait and see. See how others are using this tool, what effect it has on their success rate, and learn from case studies.

As Campaign Planner reaches a wider audience and becomes more accessible, you’ll get a better idea of ​​how Campaign Planner works and how you can use it.