How often should you blog? A blogging frequency that works.

Do you end up typically broody blog-related queries, like what percentage of blogs per month for SEO?

You’re not alone. there’s no golden rule, however, there are square measure set practices to seek out the most effective appropriate you, and that we will illustrate, however. The blogging frequency could be a common struggle for brand-new bloggers and seasoned bloggers alike. With such a big amount of factors to think about, as well as computer program optimization and whole awareness, it’s definitely a vital factor to possess and sort out. In this post, we have a tendency to uncover the blogging frequency we found that works for one specific trade. We’ll show you ways we have a tendency to role player this conclusion and the way you’ll do constantly for yours.

Why Is Blogging Frequency Important?

Blogging frequency is however typically you publish diary posts on a weekly or monthly basis. There square measure variety of advantages to finding your ideal blogging frequency.

First and foremost, diary posts enable you to rank for organic keywords. These square measures are required for driving organic traffic to your website. An often updated diary conjointly will increase whole awareness. The additional you post regarding your trade, the additional conscious of your internet presence, your product, and your services your target market becomes.

Blogging will facilitate your business to build trust within the community. Posting relevant content regarding your trade and often changing it’ll facilitate conveying trust and authority to your audience. they’re going to be additional doubtless to convert on your website versus a contestant that seldom updates their content or posts blogs.

Are You Blogging Too Often?

In addition to asking however typically does one have to be compelled to the diary, it’s not uncommon to raise what happens after your diary too frequently? Or, is that even possible? Perhaps you’re thinking the additional, the better. As you’ll see within the analysis below, it’s more or less that easy. You could post daily in your diary. Hourly, even. can or not it be your best content, though? bear in mind that quality is best than the amount in most cases. By posting too often, {you may|you’ll|you can} be sacrificing the standard of your content that itself will have a negative impact on your whole.

What we have a tendency to Learned From Our information regarding Blogging Frequency

For this analysis, we’re evaluating eight firms within the CBD trade. to seek out what percentage of diary posts they publish per month, we have a tendency to check out their post sitemaps and calculated the typical range of posts per month since the Gregorian calendar month 2022. We checked out many metrics once activity their success.

First, we have a tendency to check out the keyword universe, which means we have a tendency to analyze the overall range of keywords the diary ranks for on computer program Results Pages (SERPs).

To drill down additional, we have a tendency to conjointly checked out the amount of these keywords that graded at intervals the highest ten results, or on the primary page.

Finally, we have a tendency to compare the number of organic keywords every business graded for within the high 3 results.

These square measure the foremost desirable positions. The larger your range of organic keywords, the farther your reach is. whereas it’s not the sole metric to think about once activity success, it’s an honest indicator of such.

Finding the perfect diary Post Frequency for You The blogging frequency we have a tendency to find to be ideal for the CBD trade could or might not be ideal for your trade. thus however are you able to notice the perfect diary post frequency for your trade and, even additional vital, your blog? The best thanks to doing this is with associate analysis of a sample of blogs at intervals your trade like we have a tendency to perform on top of. you’ll simply try this with access to XML sitemaps associated with an SEO analysis tool like Ahrefs or, of course, Ubersuggest.

What will this look like?

Find 10 to fifteen competitors with blogs in your trade to gauge. Locate the sitemap for every one of those websites. Take note of however typically every website posts at intervals over a chosen period of time. we have a tendency to suggest viewing the last six months if potential. With the typical range of posts per month for every website, you’ll currently use an associate SEO analysis tool for a fuller understanding of that site’s SEO profile. Look specifically at {the range|the amount|the quantity} of organic keywords and also the number of keywords ranking at intervals the highest 10. With this data combined, you’ll verify that post frequency correlates to the best range of organic keywords in your trade. While an organic keyword profile isn’t the sole indicator of a solid posting frequency, it’s one that looks to correlate extremely. thus do take different factors into thought if one thing stands out, however, don’t overcomplicate it.


When it involves determining the perfect blogging frequency for your website, there’s no atomic number. There square measure several factors that play into that call. So however are you able to verify the most effective frequency for your blog?

The key’s to appear on different blogs in your trade and compare their posting frequency to their organic keyword profile. You’re searching for a powerful organic keyword profile – the best range of relevant page one keywords at intervals the trade – for a clue on what percentage of posts per month square measure ideal for your diary. Remember, though, that quality is simply as vital (if not more so) as the amount. thus maintain a frequency that nears the perfect frequency for your trade however that also permits you to take care of high content quality.