How Marketers Are Spending Their Money in 2023 (We Asked 8032 Marketers)

With the economy up in the air because of inflation kicking into high, war, interest rates rising, and different factors that we have a tendency to can’t management we have a tendency to set it might be nice to envision how different marketers are reacting.

And we didn’t need to understand how marketers were reacting simply within the U.S., we have a tendency to wish to understand on a worldwide scale what businesses of all sizes altogether major industries (and for each B2B and B2C) do.

So, at my agency, NP Digital, we have a tendency to set to leverage our website traffic to conduct a good survey thus we have a tendency to may see what different marketers do and additionally decide the “why” behind their selections.

Here’s what we have a tendency to see.

Earned Media

Let’s look closely at every attained media channel to envision how budgets are being reallocated.

68% of corporations surveyed same they’re increasing their SEO budget. the amount one response on why they’re creating this is often shifted as a result of the same it provides a better ROI than paid advertising. that is true… it simply takes longer to envision results.

11% same they might maintain their SEO budget going into 2023. the amount one response on why is as a result of there wasn’t a lot of flexibility with their overall selling pay because of economic reasons.

As for the twenty-first that same they were decreasing… it had been a toss-up on why between the 2 main responses.

The first was that SEO wasn’t manufacturing results and therefore the second was that the selling team has to form cuts to fulfill their reduced budget.

Organic Social Media

32% of corporations are coming up with an increasing their organic social media budget. the first response was attributable to the Apple IOS changes, and that they aren’t able to pay the maximum amount they require on paid social media.

26% same they might keep their budget as is with the most reason being that you just ought to get on the foremost platforms so as to speak with customers and potential customers.

A large forty-second same they might decrease because of organic reach frequently declining and organic social media not providing as high of an ROI because it accustomed.


83% of corporations are increasing their content production budget. the amount one response on why was because of the requirement to form content in multiple formats together with video and therefore the value related to it.

8% same they might maintain their budget. the most reason why was the economic state of affairs limiting their ability to pay a lot.

And on 9/11 same they’re decreasing their content creation budget because of AI tools serving to them produce content a lot of affordably.

AI Tools

Speaking of AI tools… they’re the verbalize the city recently. From GTP-3 to Dall-E to ChatGPT… there are loads of corporations that leverage this arthropod genus to form their own tools or to form their selling a lot of economical. particularly with attained media.

A staggering ninety-eight same they might invest in AI tools in 2023. the most reason why rotated around these three main points:

1. Save money by automating content creation

2.  Reduce the number of time spent on making content

3. Ability to scale back count within the content department.

2% same they might not check out AI tools, and therefore the main reason was they felt that the standard of the AI tools isn’t up to their standards.

Email selling

56% of corporations same they might increase their email selling budget. it had been a toss-up on why marketers same they might increase their budget…

1. Because their list size is growing thus their prices for housing email addresses are increasing.

2. Due to privacy laws, corporations are disbursal a lot to form positive they’re compliant with personal knowledge.

3. Companies are investing a lot in selling automation.

38% of corporations set up maintaining their email-selling efforts. most responded why they believed email is a crucial channel to use to speak with existing and potential customers.

6% same as they set up on decreasing their email selling budget. there have been a pair of main responses on why marketers same they might decrease their budget… it had been between

  • Companies pruning their email list of inactive subscribers which might permit them to save lots of cash.
  • Companies are changing email selling software package suppliers to save lots of cash.

Very few corporations planned on reducing the count associated with email selling efforts.

UX/Conversion Rate improvement

61% of corporations set up on increasing their overall UX/CRO budget. it had been a toss-up on the most reason they wished to extend their overall budget during this class. the explanations were:

  • With the rising value of ads, scope helps give a more robust ROI
  • UX is necessary a part of the selling expertise.

26% of corporations set up on keeping their UX/CRO budget similar primarily for similar reasons as higher than.

And thirteen set up on decreasing their budget because of economic reasons because of the main driver.


Podcasting is one of those selling channels that aren’t saturated nonetheless. and therefore the survey results show that marketers believe it is a viable channel for the long run.

92% of corporations are aiming to increase their podcasting budget in 2023. the most response was that they presently don’t have a podcast and are coming up with making one.

5% of corporations are coming up with on maintaining their existing podcasting budget. the most response on why is that they haven’t puzzled out a way to drive purposeful revenue from their podcast in order that they don’t need to pay an excessive amount of nonetheless.

And 3% set up on decreasing their podcasting disbursal. the most reason was because of economic factors requiring selling to form cuts.

84% of firms square measure increasing their pay on community building. the most reason was that marketers wish to feel a lot of management on top of things|up to speed|up to the mark|au fait} of their destiny rather than being obligated to algorithms that they can’t control.
12% of firms decide to maintain their community building. the bulk of the businesses during this class felt it had been necessary to extend their budget however they weren’t ready to thanks to economic reasons.
And 401-k plan on decreasing their community-building budget thanks to the economy.
Paid Ads
Their square measure plenty of various paid ad channels, for this class we have a tendency to check out the most leaders.
So, let’s begin with search ads.
Search Ads
With Google and Bing ads, most firms (59% and forty-seventh respectively) square measure wanting to extend their budgets. most of the responses on why were that it provided a transparent ROI compared to different selling channels.
Both channels had a roughly constant share for maintaining the budget at eighteen for Google and nineteen for Bing. the most responsible for maintaining the budget as they haven’t puzzled out a way to scale whereas maintaining profit margins.
And as for the decreases (23% for Google and thirty-fourth for Bing), most responses were connected to:
1. The average price per click for his or her business is obtaining cheaper.
2. Fewer folks were checking out the keywords they were bidding on therefore their overall pay is decreasing.
Social Ads
The percentages within the graph on top of the square measure everywhere the place, however, the story is consistent once you examine the responses.
With Facebook, Instagram, and Snap, the most responses for either maintaining or decreasing pay square measure associated with the Apple IOS privacy changes. In different words, marketers aren’t ready to generate constant ROI from Facebook as they want to be ready to.
Some of the businesses got lucky and were ready to maintain their pay to come up with an analogous ROI and a few had to decrease their pay so as to stay their ads profitable… once more thanks to IOS privacy changes.
A smaller share of these three platforms was ready to increase their budgets. the most response to increasing is that their campaigns square measure profitable in order that they set up on scaling.
As for YouTube and Pinterest, (28% and thirty-fifth respectively) aforementioned they planned on increasing their budgets. the most response was their ads square measure profitable and that they wish to scale them.
33% (YouTube) and twenty-ninth (Pinterest) decide to maintain their ad pay as a result of their ads square measure profitable. The second most well-liked response for maintaining was they can’t scale thanks to it creating the ads unprofitable.
As for the decrease in YouTube and Pinterest ad pay, the most response was associated with the economy impacting their business and budget cuts in selling.
With Tiktok, the bulk of marketers, at a thumping eighty-four, aforementioned they decide to increase their overall pay on this platform as a result they see it as AN untapped chance.
And with LinkedIn, the bulk of the businesses WHO responded regarding their LinkedIn ad pay was within the B2B class. fifty-seven set up on increasing their budget with the quantity one response being that they feel it’s the simplest platform to focus on their ideal client.
35% set up on maintaining their LinkedIn ad pay with the most reason being that it’s operating however they aren’t ready to scale thanks to a scarcity of inventory for their target demographic.
And 8% set up on decreasing their LinkedIn ad pay with the first response being thanks to their company’s retardation down for economic reasons. Now I needed to save lots of the foremost fascinating ones for last, that is Twitter. I didn’t truly expect these results… and you’ll see why… 28% of firms set up on increasing their Twitter ad pay. the quantity one response on why they feel there’s a chance to accumulate customers for fewer on the platform thanks to firms onanism once Elon bought them.
And thirty-fourth set up on decreasing their ad pay. once asked why the most response was they don’t consider that Elon Musk is running the platform and therefore the changes he has been creating.
Other online Ad Buys
Let’s dive into every one of the channels because the responses were fascinating.
With podcast ads, seventy-eight set up on increasing their ad pay. the highest reason was they set up shopping for ads to push their own podcast so as to create a lot of fashionable. eighteen set up on maintaining their ad pay with the responses primarily discussing whether it produces a positive ROI or that firms felt it had been nice for stigmatization and cheaper than radio.
With the four-dimensional of respondents’ spoken communication, they’re decreasing their ad pay, the first reason was that they’re seeing a decrease in ROI from their podcast ad pay.
For banner ads, thirty-fourth set up on increasing their ad pay with the most response being it’s profitable and that they wish to scale it. fifty-two set up on maintaining their pay with the most reason being around it being profitable. And 14 July firms set up on decreasing their ad pay thanks to in the main not being as profitable as they might like.
As for remarketing pay, ninety-four decide to increase their ad budget as they see it collectively as their most profitable selling channel. five-hitter set up on maintaining it because it is profitable. And I Chronicles set up on decreasing their remarketing ad pay with the most reason being around lack of conversions.
Now for OTT/CTV… if you aren’t conversant in these terms, it’s associated with streaming TV.
52% of firms set up on increasing their ad pay for OTT/CTV with the most reason being it provides a lot of transparency and trackability than ancient TV ads. thirty fifth set up on maintaining their pay for this class with the most responses being associated with it providing nice stigmatization and or gain.
As for the thirteen that set up on decreasing their pay, the most reason was shifting the budget to Google ads and different channels that square measure a lot of profitable.