16 Best Market Research Tools to Uncover Actionable Insights

In a world of accelerating competition, understanding your target market is important.

Ready to learn what your audience extremely wants? This area unit the fifteen best research tools to use.

Benefits of investment research There’s a reason the world revenue of the research business has quite doubled since 2008 and is currently valued at far more than $76.4 billion. It comes with a heap of advantages. Any business eager to improve its product or launch a replacement selling campaign is at a big disadvantage while not researching. If you’re asking yourself “what is market research?” look no additional. research keeps your target market in the middle of each call. By understanding their wants and wishes, you’ll tailor everything from your product to your selling to your client. In doing, therefore, you’ll scale back the number of dangerous client experiences—one or 2 of that area unit enough to form sixty-fourth of shoppers switches to a contender.

How to Use research information in Your selling

You can leverage research information in many ways that, however victimization it to tell and optimize your selling strategy, from campaign creation to execution, is one of the foremost powerful. For instance, research will guarantee your new product launch burst while not a hitch. nearly 1/2 of all product launches are unit delayed, and two-hundredths fail to satisfy targets. By understanding precisely what customers wish, a product launch merely becomes a case of delivering it. Market research also can assist you to focus your selling efforts on areas wherever you’ve got a competitive advantage. By understanding what customers are units extremely sorting out, you’ll establish untapped markets with little competition in terms of paid ads or SEO. Focusing your efforts here, instead of on saturated verticals, can send your ROI soaring. Finally, you’ll use research information to optimize your selling efforts once launch. Analyzing therefore media and different styles of user engagement information will highlight how effective every message is so you’ll do additional of what works and less of what doesn’t. Combine this with techniques perceive|to know|to grasp} your customers and you totally understand what your content must accomplish to achieve them.

5 Best Free research Tools

You don’t get to pay a dime to urge the advantages of selling analysis. There area unit many free research tools out there. I’ve highlighted 5 of my favorites below.

1. Google Trends

Google Trends shows you what individuals’ area units sorting out on Google. it absolutely was introduced in 2006 and tracks the recognition of topics over time by location. you’ll see precisely however standard searches area unit for Taylor Swift within the U.S. this year. Or however, searches for Brexit have declined within the U.K. since 2019. At the time of writing, Google processes ninety-nine,000 searches each second. That’s over eighty-five billion searches each day, creating the biggest and most beneficial search information supply alive. Google Trends provides you access thereto information in a very categorized and collective approach. Enter a trend and Google can show you the way stylish that term is with a line graph and provides you a delete of a hundred. you’ll conjointly compare totally different terms.


Easy to use

Visually appealing

Huge quantity of knowledge


Doesn’t show the precise search

Volume-related topics aren’t invariably relevant

2. Facebook Page

Insights Facebook Page Insights may be a fantastic and free research choice if you utilize Facebook to promote your business. If you don’t use Facebook for selling nonetheless, you almost certainly ought to. With 2.9 billion monthly active users, it’s one of the simplest social media platforms for selling. The tool provides insights into your audience, post-performance, and also the health of your pages. you’ll use the tool to check World Health Organization likes your page and why, that posts get the foremost engagement, and learn the way to extend the reach of your content. If you’re troubled to urge started, Facebook offers 2 courses: one on a way to generate insights and create data-driven recommendations and one on a way to create the foremost selling insights.


Unparalleled insight into your Facebook audience

Easy-to-use courses on the market


Limited to your Facebook pages not as comprehensive as it once was

3. Assume With Google Think

Google is one of the search giant’s lesser-known tools, however, that doesn’t create it any less powerful. It’s a free-to-use resource library of facts and figures supported by Google’s own information and different analysis which will supercharge your selling efforts. If you wish for a broad understanding of what’s occurring within the world, assume With Google may be a nice starting line. Search the platform, and you’ll uncover selling trends, perceive the most recent shopper behavior and notice the insights you would like to drive your selling strategy. The site is split into four areas (Consumer Insights, selling methods, way forward for selling, and Tools) that you’ll use to seek out the insights you’re searching for.


Huge resource of statistics and studies

Easy to use

Great for research


Limited to selling studies

4. Answer the general public

See a well-known face? Answer the general public is currently a part of the NP family and makes an excellent free quality for your research wants. It’s one of the only choices out there for obtaining a deeper understanding of what individuals area unit talking about. Simply enter within the topic you wish to analyze, the region you’re viewing, and you’ll get an entire set of adjacent topics and queries that individuals area unit sorting out regarding the topic. On prime of that, Answer the general public puts these in flat information sets or handy information visualizations for you to share along with your groups. Struggling to return up with content ideas? Answer the general public provides you a bunch of baseline ideas, force right from the minds (and searches) of your audience.


Easy interface to urge your insights

Quick Data mental image to form sharing insights easier

Incredible insights on however a topic is approached in search.